February 7, 2009

Tour de House

The pace of visits and tours increases, there being 1 or 2 fun filled foil faced weeks left until we revert to just another boring house.

-Members of the Energy Smackdown joined members of Sustainable Arlington to visit during biting cold spell on January 31.

Also toured by:
-Arlington High School's Ted Fiust and both his Engineering and Environmental Science classes.

-Heather Clark of the Winn Development Company and a member of both the Energy Efficiency Advisor Council and the Governor's Zero Net Energy Task Force dropped by along with her colleague David Thunell.

As the week progressed, my tours got less and less pleasant as the flu took over the controls of my life, and sleeping became the goal of my every waking moment. You know the feeling.

Just after dark, with the moon overhead: 15 seconds exposure

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