February 7, 2009

The Soffits

Did you really think that a 6" edge of insulation would become a permanent detail of the roof? Though if we were to leave it uncovered, it would hardly be the ugliest feature up there. No the ugliest feature would be, hands down, the rotting rafters which slowly shed paint chips upon the lawn. The neighbors have put up with alot from us.
Enclosing the soffits and hiding the rafters has been an obsession haunting my every thought since moving in. Covering the 6" edge of insulation? Well I guess that's nice too.
Prior to the start:

Rafters are cut and extended

2x6s are fastened to the rafter extensions to provide strong, wood support for gutter attachment.

NuCedar fascia is fastened to the 2x6s and NuCedar bead board is fastened to seal the bottom.

Completely enclosed soffit, sans gutters. Only about a hundred feet of soffit to go.

Another snow storm, another lost day February 3.

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