April 13, 2009

Foam Touch-Up

Anderson Insulation, who were here for 10 hours in December, fit us into their schedule on short notice for a final foaming touch-up prior to the blower door testing which will mark the end of the insulation phase of the project.
We needed to fix the areas where the cable guys, the plumbers, and the electricians did their damage, as well as get at an area we didn't have access to in December, and a window that was removed.
December 2008: Window still in place

April 2009: Window removed. It's a storage area, who needs a window? On the other side of that window cavity is 4" of rigid foam.

April 2009: The Anderson folks having finished the foaming.

More work in the basement.

Particular attention to the areas where the cable guys, the fiber guys, and the electricians were ripping and tearing at the foam to get their wires in place.

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