March 3, 2009

Nearly Champagne Ready

February 23: A stupid little roofing project
The team re-roofs the tiny back deck so the shingles match.

Boring, but its gotta get done.
The more interesting story was the 8 year old roof it replaced. That roof was installed by an octogenarian, Gino, and Angelo, 72, who do handy projects to get out of the house.
Why would I send 2 nice old guys on the roof? Well....they used to be full time roofers, but more importantly, better them than I.
The morning they were up there was a beautiful day, September 11th, 2001, but otherwise the worst that I had ever lived through. I stuck my head out the window and reported the news as it unfolded, the events, the theories, the horror, and finally the cloud of dust. These guys never came in to look, didn't seem particularly shocked, and never missed a nail. When they finished up there they popped in for a quick peak at the tube, and then headed home.
Building runways across the South Pacific while under fire seems to really toughen you up some.

February 25

February 27: Finishing the Front

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