January 27, 2009

Night Shots

These may be the last interesting night shots of the project. Siding is going up quickly now, and will soon cover the dazzling reflective aluminum foil. These shots show that the entire front has been covered in rigid foam except for the 3rd floor.

For safety, the 3rd floor will be de-windowed, re-windowed, flashed, stripped of shingles, tyveked, insulated and sided all at once.

These 15 second exposures were long enough to capture the stars above but not long enough for the blur of Earth's rotation to set in.
The right side of the house is lit by a clean white 75 watt bulb in the neighbor's house. The front of the house is unfortunately yellow, lit by the sodium vapor street lights.
Click on the photos to see the full "compressed resolution", but let me tell you that the full uncompressed photos, too large to upload, are awesome.

Firring strips screwed into the wall through 4" of rigid foam using 6" screws. As the firring strips are tightened the foam pulls in tight to the house, and only then as the air is squeezed out between the layers and the house, does the insulation really go to work.

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