January 3, 2009

Basement Archeology I

Look what we found in the basement.
A new, unused in the box, Underwood Electric Dry Shaver, and as the sign says, "...equal in quality and performance of any $15 shaver".

Manufacturered sometime between 1938 and 1941 just 67 - 70 years ago.
The razor came with a "Lifetime Guarantee Service Card", but since the company, their employees, the salesperson, the customer, and the poor slob who never received this as a gift are all dead......I wondered if the razor itself might still have some life left in it.

The wire insulation had disintegrated, so I rewired it with a new cord set, and electrically taped it up. No on/off switch, just plug it in and hope for the best.

Wouldn't you know it? Not only did I not get electrocuted, I was able to coax it to remove the random arm hair. A 70 year old shaver that jumped to life on its first shave. This is exactly the kind of quality that Americans are capable of assuming that there were any factories left in America still making consumer goods. Well we still make great building materials, like every one of the products used in this project. They will still be on the job keeping this house warm and comfortable, for generations to come.

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